A few days ago a good friend and I were talking about life, motivation, and focus.

He mentioned that he had recently seen a video of a commencement speech given by a Naval Admiral and former Navy Seal, William McRaven. After a quick Google search I was able to track the video down on Youtube.

The video, which is just under 20 minutes, goes through the 10 lessons McRaven learned during his agonizing training at Seal Camp. At the time, they may not have been as clear to him but over the years, the lessons set in. Luckily he not only tells an interesting anecdote of each, but then breaks them down to the bare bones at the end. After watching this it’s hard not to be amazed by the struggle he describes through his stories. The pain, the discomfort, and the torture are all meant to weed out the weak of body and mind. I’ve always had a great respect for those who put their life on the line for the greater good. Especially the groups like the Seals, Rangers, and all other special forces. I’ve seen “Hell Week” and other documentaries on Seal Camp and have seen what it takes to survive, but McRaven puts the physicality into perspective. He takes the extreme challenges and puts them into “morals” if you will. Sharing important insights about changing yourself and the world.

And surprisingly, after watching this video, you’ll realize your mom was right all along. You SHOULD make your bed every morning. Set your day off right, you’ll be better for it!